Effective & Safe Methods of Rodent Control?

  • 27th Dec 2021

Nature of Rodents

As you know the nature of rodents and mice are to wander throughout the rooms of house in search of foods. The reason of their stay is getting sufficient amount of food from house. They also get shelter in house from severe heat and cold outside. Moreover they also protect themselves from their predators such as eagles, snakes, hawks etc. Generally rodents enter in house through small holes, doors and windows wherever possible chances they get.

They can easily climb up the pipe lines to get into the house. The rats also use to litter the food items and urinate around the utensils and food items. So they can develop different types of diseases in the house. As the rats use to wander into the dust bins, drains etc, they are never clean and create infestation in the house.

Methods of Rodent Control :-

In order to prevent these problems, it is essential to clear rats as well as to get rid of rats and mice from the house and surroundings. There are different rodent control methods but most of these methods mean to be harmful for rats and sometimes could cause accidents to humans as well as the pet animals. Some of the rodent control products also contain toxic and poisonous chemicals which can also cause harm to the humans and pet animals accidentally. But with development in science and technology, modern rodent control methods have been discovered which are totally safe as well as effective.

The modern electronic mouse trap is one of the examples of modern methods of rodent control. This electronic mouse trap is simply a box with electronic circuit, rechargeable batteries, LED indicator, a tunnel shaped entrance and an outlet at the backside. It do not use and emit any sort of the toxic and poisonous chemical which could produce pollution. It can be installed in any corners of the house without any sort of safety precautions. It needs is a butter piece or bread or any food item to be kept as bait inside the tunnel shaped inlet. This will attract the rats and mice to be attracted to get inside the tunnel. As the rat gets deeper inside and when it comes in contact with the circuit, the circuit gets completed and the rat is immediately electrocuted.

Once the rat is killed, the LED indicator keeps on blinking till the corpse of the rat is not being disposed. Thus this rodent control product is very useful to clear rats from the house.

There is also live catching mice traps which also help to clear rats without causing any sort of harm to the rats and mice. This type of live catching mice traps can be easily made in home itself. This mice trap does not contain any sort of spring loaded metal rods which could cause harm to rats as well as the humans and pet animals. It is a sort of enclosed transparent box with an opening on the top. The bait inside this trap attracts the rats to enter into it. Once the rat gets inside it, the rat cannot escape from it. Thus the caught rat can be easily disposed to far off places from the house. Thus this trap is useful to clear rats safely from house without causing any sort of accidents and pollution.

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